jpennAbout Our Company

Pennache in Calgary, Alberta, offers the luxury of a personal chef at affordable rates. We solve the dilemma of meal planning and cooking for dinner. For us, a hectic lifestyle does not mean eating habits need to be compromised.

At Pennache, our mission is to ensure that everyday living includes everyday meals that cater to your individual tastes. We believe that families can benefit from sharing a healthy meal at the end of the day. Allow us to introduce you to new flavours, new taste experiences, healthy eating, and most importantly, the opportunity to bring your family back to the dinner table.

About Joanne Penn, Our Founder & Head Chef
Growing up in a family with a school chef mum meant that home-cooked meals were part of Joanne’s upbringing. In fact, eating out in restaurants were such rare events that they are actually memorable.

Early Years
Joanne’s first memories of cooking are as a five-year-old in school when she would bake cookies in the afternoon, help her mum stir the Christmas cake, and watch her prepare the Sunday roast dinner. Joanne loves food, and always enjoyed creating meals that are appreciated by others.

Career Shift
With a successful career in the IT industry as a Corporate Educator, Joanne became a casualty of corporate downsizing. While trying to determine her next move, she stumbled upon the concept of a personal chef. She realized that many families do not have the same luxury that she had enjoyed growing up, and that dining out and ordering takeout had become the norm for so many households. The idea of being able to provide others with a much-needed service while doing something she loves to do seemed like the perfect opportunity to pursue.

Birth of Pennache
In October of 2003, Pennache was launched in Calgary, Alberta. As a company, this gives us great satisfaction, knowing that we are able to give ordinary people the opportunity to enjoy their free time, and still be able to sit down to a wholesome meal at the end of the day.
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